Give peace a chance

Patriarchy. Racism. Sexism. Rape. Poverty . Religion and ofcourse War.

 The world in which we live in is filled with numerous predicament issues. Peace is still and an achievable dream.We talk of peace and prepare for war .History is full of wars.

 Almost all the countries have raised their defence budgets. Though the fall of the Soviet Union led the stoppage of cold war .The fall of communism has also seen the fall of Mighty countries like Russia. The world wars have given ways to smaller civil wars.

The brotherhood of the Islamic Nations-Iraq, Iran ,Syria ,Palestine ,Giza Bosnia, Kuwait, Afghanistan is so falsified that they always at each other’s throats. France blames the taliban for the Paris air raids and in turn France is the main benefactor of the experiments carried out by Russia for ISIS bombings.

 If asked for a solution to wars, obvious answer would be the United Nations but for some mysterious reason the UN has failed to take noteworthy steps in the Syrian War against its own president Bashar al-Assad.

Now with the power of social media Egyptians have successfully displaced the government and established a democracy. This is something which even the UN could not do.

The whole world went into a pseudo mourning state when  New York was attacked.Candle walks, prayers were carried out et cetera et cetera and when 394 Syrians die everyday on an average we do not even a bat an eyelid .Goes for the to prove that lives really don’t matter unless they are western, right ?

We are also so indifferent to each other sufferings that nobody even cares anymore. We live in a world where campaigns can readily be organised for fertilized human embryos but nobody will even there today is a voice against the supposed to wall to be constructed to prevent refugees from infiltrating into the USA .

Every nationality claims to be different from each other .

Afghanistan sexually abuses beats up and forces that their women to cover up their bodies.The French, sexually abuse beat up and force their women to uncover. So you see, in a gruesome twisted kind of way we are not that different from each other.

 In John Lennon’s words 

All we are saying is give peace a chance.

 At the rate at which we are going we are surely going to achieve world peace, very fast. 

The graveyard is said to be a very peaceful place.

Women: Why We Are Afraid

So many years of education, and yet nobody taught us why it is so important to love ourselves.

11 years. In an all girls school. Female friends, female teachers. 

And then you gradually learn the girl power, the notions of how really powerful women are, how the world would be if misogyny was a myth. Let me start by stating an incident in my school life. We were being taught Rhapsody on a Windy Night by T.S. Eliot in our literature class (lovely poem in fact!) and in a general  discussion sort of a way our teacher asked 

What would you do if you could make the night more beautiful?

And the answers which I heard were those which forever got imprinted on my heart.

I would put a curfew on men past 9, and take a walk in the park.


Oh! My mind runs wild of the things I could do. I’d put on a pretty dress and go out.

This was the absolute time I realised how actually messed up our society was.

And we had a concept that men hated us. We were afraid. Not the kind of afraid that would prevent us to take upon any boy in a fight, but the kind of afraid that made us think that the society would humiliate us.

Maybe we think that men hate us because from social media to playboy magazines, women are casually referred to as sluts, bitches, whores, skanks and whatnot. All maybe because we used snapchat filters, or maybe because we breathed.

Or maybe we think that men hate us because they chastisize us for wearing makeup and then chastisize us again looking how we look without using makeup.

Or maybe we think that men hate us because they idly stand and watch us getting attacked or join them.

 Let’s come to religion.

Taliban: Sexually abuses, beats and forces women to cover up.

France: Sexually abuses, beats and forces women to uncover.

The problem is not religion. It’s men.

But can you even imagine a world without men? Sure as hell, I can.

No rapes.No harrasments. No catcallings. No acid attacks. No forced marriages. No honour killings. Just imagine.

So, instead of waiting  around for someone to bring you flowers, go out there and plant your own garden and decorate your own soul. 

Things you will relate to if you “Grew Up with that Desi Swag”

Growing up desi may be one of the greatest adventures that you face. Whether it be the extremely hot lal mirchi curry, or the “Dhaniya lao” orders, or dodging the chappals, everyday was a game you played in Survival Mode.

That D*mned Family Tree

No. Family tree? What’s that? We Indians have family forests. Your homes filled up by random strangers, and your mother hovering around introducing everyone as Mama and Chachi weren’t uncommon growing up scenes.

Kaka, Kaki, Chacha, Chachi, Dada, Didi..well you get our point.πŸ˜‰

( Unwanted )Career Counselling & Guidance

“Beta, Class 10 ke baad kya loge?”

“Probably Humanities. Journalism pursue karna hai.”

“Wah beta,good choice. PCM Bio le le. Doctor ya engineer ban jayega. ”

When we were your age..

“Jab hum tumhari umar ke they..” dialogue never gets old.

“We studied like like animals for 25 hours of the day. We sent a lunar spacecraft to orbit the moon, developed a barrier breaking drug for cancer. Tumhari umar mein toh humne toh president ke liye bhi apply karwa liya tha.”

That cumbersome Sharmaji ka Beta

Your whole life was spent competing with the brilliant-boy-next-door who somehow was a reincarnation of The God Himself, got straight A grades,had a stable job, a family,a home, a car, and financial stability at the age of 12. 

*sarcastic clap* :”3

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Ice cream tubs, jars and coke bottles were recycled to keep jams and chutneys and what not.

Daddy Crisis

“Tera baap kaun?” Everytime your friends beat you in FIFA.



Beta,shadi apne man se karna. It’s your own free will.

Bas religion dekh lena

Caste bhi

Aur Profession

Skin colour (because being fair is pretty)




The Best Of All

Though we hated those noisy pestering CCTV aunties, we still attended family gatherings BECAUSE FREE FOOD BRUH!

In this racist world, where people are divided into blacks and whites, it’s a blessing to be born brown (almost) because who wouldn’t like to be the part of the swaggiest community on earth? Whatever happens, SWAG SADA DESI should be your mantra.

P.S. Those tupperware bottles are more precious than you, so please be careful.πŸ˜‚

On a serious note: Let not the society kill the real you.